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This page describes the installation of the Winter Forge but do not worry, it's really easy as pie thanks to Bioware's DAUpdater program.

Installation of The Winter Forge

Logically, the first step is to grab your copy of the lastest end-player package. This file is always available from the official Dragon Age social site, on the project page. What about other modsites ? I don't always keep those up-to-date, mainly because I don't want to waste my time keeping several websites updated. It takes time, which is a rare luxury on my end. So, for the last version, go to the official Social@Bioware site and look for the package described as lastest.
Screen capture Since the addon doesn't include textures or audiofiles, you'll quickly get the package fully downloaded. Now, let's go to your Dragon Age installation folder, and look for a file named DAUpdater.exe in the bin_ship sub_folder. Launch that application.
Screen capture And finally, drag and drop your downloaded package directly on the DAUpdater window, select the line, and hit Install Selected.
Screen capture A few heartbeats later, the status will update from Ready to install to Installation successful.
That's it ! You can close the DAUpdater and enjoy your game.

I had a few reports about third party mods manager (e.g. DAModder) sometimes having issues with the way TWF is packaged, whereas DAUpdater works just fine. So you may want to stick with that basic BioWare made tool when you're installing TWF.

Removing the Winter Forge

Unless specific instructions are given on the package download page, something I don't think I'll have to do, you can simply update your previous version of the Winter Forge by installation the new release on the top of the older. Basically, just follow the very same steps of installation, as if you weren't updating by simply installing from scratch, and it will be alright.

Removing the Winter Forge

Because of the game engine's behavior and how the savegames are handled, the addon removal is a bit more tricky than the installation. Before anything else you'll need to use a command in-game to prepare TWF for its own uninstallation. Screen capture
Once the uninstallation routine tells you to save your game and deactivate the addon, simply locate the addon folders (e.g. phae_mainmodule) under My Documents and delete those. You'll have a different folder to delete for each supported campaign. For instance phae_mainmodule for Origins and phae_twforge_daa for Awakening.
Screen capture