About - Known Issues

Keep an eye on this page if you want to know what are the issues affecting the lastest end-player package of the addon. Most of the time, the issues won't be critical, but some still are pains in the rump nonethless.
If you encounter a problem not described on this page, please report it through the community forum.

Known issues

Keep in mind this page is only updated manually, because it fits my simple needs as I'm working alone on the Winter Forge, so it may take some time before the list is updated with the most recent reports.
If you wish to see what will be fixed in the next release on the addon, visit the addon Work in Progress page.

  • Bugs
    • In Witch Hunt any routine using a popup with a textfield (e.g. naming popups) will trigger an autosave and see the Dog renamed. This is not TWF doing, and is actually caused by BioWare shamelessly dirty handling of the initial "Name your dog" popup at the begining of Witch Hunt. Instead of checking what the owner of the popup was, to make sure it was the right one, the script from BioWare automatically triggers the same routine (naming the dog and autosaving) each time a popup is thrown. I can not see any workaround around this, since we modders don't have the sources for Witch Hunt.
  • Known issues
    • Addons including new companions are likely to override the game party picker area. TWF relying on the party picker, severe issues can (and do) occur under those circumstances. TWF includes workarounds for the most popular addons, but new addons changing the party picker may be released as time goes by. If that happens, you may want to bring the following page to the mod author's attention : Extending TWF party picker table
  • Compatibility issues
    • GUI mods being mutually exclusive, if you're using FollowTheGourd's Fonts and UI Scaling addon you will need to download a merged version of our UI mods. You can find this compatibility package on both our project pages. ( TWF project page )