Reagents used in Enchantment

The cost indicated here are base costs; the engine will determine the final merchant price of an item using several factors, including the character statistics. Note the table is sorted on the item base names, not on the prefixes.

This table was automatically generated from the addon files so if something strikes you as being strange or plainly wrong, please report it as a bug or balance concern.

IconAmethyst80s Amethyst
IconLesser Arcane Warrior Essence10s Faint weapon onHit property
IconArcane Warrior Essence40s Weak weapon onHit property
IconGreater Arcane Warrior Essence1g Strong weapon onHit property
IconPotent Arcane Warrior Essence2g Powerful weapon onHit property
IconLesser Attribute Essence10s Faint attribute property
IconAttribute Essence40s Weak attribute property
IconGreater Attribute Essence1g Strong attribute property
IconPotent Attribute Essence2g Powerful attribute property
IconCorrupter Agent12s Corrupter Agent
IconDeep Mushroom50cDeep Mushroom
IconDistillation Agent12s Distillation Agent
IconFire Crystal10s Fire Crystal
IconFluorspar50s Fluorspar
IconFrostrock10s Frostrock
IconFrozen Lightning10s Frozen Lightning
IconGarnet40s Garnet
IconGlamour Charm20s Glamour Charm
IconGreenstone4s Greenstone
IconLifestone10s Lifestone
IconLyrium Dust2s Lyrium Dust
IconLesser Magical Resistance Essence10s Faint spell shielding property
IconMagical Resistance Essence40s Weak spell shielding property
IconGreater Magical Resistance Essence1g Strong spell shielding property
IconPotent Magical Resistance Essence2g Powerful spell shielding property
IconLesser Martial Essence10s Faint melee / ranged attack property
IconMartial Essence40s Weak melee / ranged attack property
IconGreater Martial Essence1g Strong melee / ranged attack property
IconPotent Martial Essence2g Powerful melee / ranged attack property
IconLesser Physical Resistance Essence10s Faint physical defence property
IconPhysical Resistance Essence40s Weak physical defence property
IconGreater Physical Resistance Essence1g Strong physical defence property
IconPotent Physical Resistance Essence2g Powerful physical defence property
IconQuartz8s Quartz
IconLesser Regeneration Essence10s Faint regeneration property
IconRegeneration Essence40s Weak regeneration property
IconGreater Regeneration Essence1g Strong regeneration property
IconPotent Regeneration Essence2g Powerful regeneration property
IconLesser Spell Focus Essence10s Faint Mage spell boost property
IconSpell Focus Essence40s Weak Mage spell boost property
IconGreater Spell Focus Essence1g Strong Mage spell boost property
IconPotent Spell Focus Essence2g Powerful Mage spell boost property
IconSpirit Shard20s Spirit Shard
IconLesser Stamina Essence10s Faint stamina property
IconStamina Essence40s Weak stamina property
IconGreater Stamina Essence1g Strong stamina property
IconPotent Stamina Essence2g Powerful stamina property
IconTopaz1g Topaz