Forge manual - Remodeling

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Remodeling items Download

Since the last release, items remodeling involves the new toolbox abilities players can activate via the Forgesmith's tools quickitem.
Here are the abilities used in remodeling :
Screen capture As you can the, those are modal abilities, meaning the tools require a main ability to be enabled first. Modifications are only temporary using this tool, at least until the "Apply" ability (the 6th here) is used. These modification are free, however they do impact the items statistics when changing an item category, for instance from a massive armor to a medium armor.

Until a proper guide is written, please watch the example video available above. Although it's not shown on this video, players can transform weapons into other kind of weapons by using the two "change category" ability. For instance, upgrading a dagger category will switch the item to a longsword.

Note that transforming light armors into medium armors, and inversely, is still experimental. Although checks occur the item may lose its material and be reverted to the lowest material tier available. Do save beforehand if you're going to do such a change.