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The Halamshiral Scrolls

According to tales, over the years following the Long Walk, scholars from the Dales restored some of the secrets of magic known in Elvhenan and preserved then in a set of writings. These writings came to be called the Halamshiral Scrolls. Taken together, they granted insight into the mysteries of enchanting, the creation of magic items and constructs, the relations and structure of the gods' realms, and even the making of artifacts. However the worship of the old elven gods angered the human Chantry and those scrolls were lost to the troubled times of the Exalted March of the Dales, back when the Andrastian nations joined the Orlesian Empire in battle against the Dalish.

Most of the Halamshiral Scrolls were lost, destroyed or stolen over the following centuries, and the wisdom they contained was slowly forgotten and reduced to scraps of lore. However, in 9:30 Dragon the Warden Commander recovered several of these writings and used their secrets against the Fifth Blight...

The Winter Forge

What is this about ?
The Winter Forge is an addon giving you the tools to modify the magical properties and exterior appearance of your items.
How ?
Through a new craft skill providing new recipes allowing you to change your items statistics, while installations found at the Warden Camp and Vigil's Keep the modification of the items models and play with over 200 materials variations. Not to mention the unlocked shield heraldry.
You wish for your very own golden looking chainmail with some magical resistance ? Well ! That's easy. Simply buy some metal from your favorite store and craft that nice gold enamelled chainmail. Then, prepare your enchantment : gather essences, combine them into crystals, and finally imbue a new Spell Resistance property to your new chainmail by consuming those reagents ! And while you're at it, surely you wouldn't refuse being able to customize that armor name...