About - Extending TWF

Whether you're a modder trying to solve compatibility issues with TWF, or a player looking to fix those issues on his own, you will may have to extend the table TWF is using when looking for party pickers.
Let's have a look at this easy modification.

Char_stage and TWF

Since the last release, The Winter Forge uses a M2DA table to gather the possible party picker tags. I always try to keep the default list updated with the addons I come across, but even if I missed some it's easy to extend that table.

Simply create a 2DA sheet with that prefix : phae_twf_picky_
For instance, phae_twf_picky_alfie. The last bit should be an unique identifier. As for the inner structure of that sheet, it's as easy as it can get. You only need two columns : ID & Tag : Screen capture

Pick an unique ID, which doesn't have to be consecutive with the others, and simply add a new line including the tag of your party picker override : Screen capture
Save, compile to GDA, and release for your players to use. Easy enough. You may also want to drop me a message once it's done, and I'll make sure the next release of TWF automatically includes your party picker tag in its core tables.