Wardens' Armory

The Wardens' Armory is a rough for of common storage allowing players to share pieces of equipment between savegames, characters and even campaigns. The in-game utilization of the Armory is straightfoward, but because of limitations forced upon the Armory by the script API, players have to carry out some out-game manipulations.

Guide to the Armory

The Wardens' Armory is one of the toolbar abilities available through the activation of the Forgesmith's Tools. You will find the Armory on the right end of the second TWF actionbar. Screen capture
Please read the disclaimer when using the Armory for the first time, and do not hesitate to have a look at the in-game help (via the Help ability) if in doubt, as both will explain the limitations of the Armory.

If I may say so myself, the in-game bit of the Armory is quite easy to use. On the left side, you'll have the current contents of the Armory ; on the right side - duh - your inventory. You can simply import an item from the Armory, or export an item to the Armory, by drag and dropping that item. Note only pieces of equipment can be stored in the Armory. Screen capture
However, there is a trick you must understand. When you open the Armory, its contents are recovered from the DragonAge.ini file. But because the script API can not write into that file, you'll have to do it yourself. That's the whole reason behind this guide.

While the scripts can not write into the DragonAge.ini file they can write messages into the log file generated by Dragon Age, assuming one configuration file enable this logging capacity. Therefore, to use the Armory you must first ensure you have the proper line in your bin_ship\ECLog.ini file, found in your Dragon Age installation folder. You can find an ECLog file ready to use here : ECLog.ini (0.1 Kb))

When that file can be found, TWF will export the Armory contents into the log file each time an item is exported into the Armory contener. All players have to do is grab those log lines, and paste them in their DragonAge.ini.
However, since the log files can be filled with tens of thousands of line - hundreds even, if never purged - you will probably want to use the online log parser available on this website.

Find your Dragon Age log file in your My Documents / Bioware / Dragon Age / Logs folder - look for a DragonAge_1.log file - and copy & paste its contents into the parser first field. Click on "Parse !" and you should see the lastest update of your Armory exported data in the second field. Screen capture
Copy that exported data, and simply paste it into your DragonAge.ini file : Screen capture

Once this is done, you'll see the items included in that data inside your Armory, from any character on any campaign. When imported from the Armory, items may or may not recover their model information depending on whether The Winter Forge is able to guess that information (which is not available through script, hence the guessing game) but statistics and properties should always be properly recreated. Screen capture