Forge Manual - Importing to Awakening

Work in progress.
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Importing to Awakening Download

Since the Origins and Awakening campaigns are entirely separate, TWF can't share its database between the two gameworlds, even after a character importation. In order to recover in Awakening your progress in Enchantment, but also your reagents, supplies and - of course - customized items, you'll have to prepare your savegame before importing the character into a new Awakening campaign.

There are several steps to follow :

  • Use the barrel at camp in Origins, and choose the Export option.
  • Do read the explanations given by the barrel...
  • Don't move 'til it's done
  • Save. You don't have to strip your followers away from custom items (meaning items having custom names) as they will be automatically recreated. However, non-custom items won't.
  • Start a new DA:A campaign
  • Go through the first combat, at least
  • Stay safe, activate the TWF item found in your inventory
  • Don't move 'til it's done
  • Pray to the god of the Hunt

Until a proper guide is written, please watch the example video available above.