User Manual - Cheatcodes

Because sometimes it can get really tedious to find one specific scroll, especially with formulae. And also because we are all, from time to time, in a hurry or plain lazy. This guide will show you how to summon the scroll and all the required reagents for the recipe or formula of your choice.

Cheatmode Skill

With the later release, the Winter Forge gained a new cheats related skill. The skill will be automatically granted to the main character when the Override Mode option is enabled ; if you didn't find the skill in your Skills Book, you may want to disable & enable the Override Mode via the configuration menu. Screen capture
This new cheatmode gives access to the same resources as the previous one, but also include some other resources. You should find anything TWF related in there, and if you're feed up looking for a specific scroll or reagent, this is where you'll want to look.

The older cheatmode, popup-based, remains however available should you prefer to use it. We'll have a look at it below.

Cheatcodes Guide

If you took a look at the crystals and formulae individual pages since the release of the v0.3.3 you may have noted the apparition of a new field : Code. Long story short, I was told finding specific formulae could be a real hassle, especially because as yet the scrolls are only available through stores and are not yet implemented in the treasure system or rewarder through quests.
So here is the alternative. If you have a hard time finding what you need in order to create a crystal, or imbue an item, you can simply use this feature.

How does it work ? Well, me, I like it old school, in pretty much everything. So chances are you may find the cheatcode feature itself is bothersome because - grmph ! - players have to type a code in. An exact 8 characters code. Aww come on, don't leave, give it a try it'll make your memory (or your nearest pen) work a tad. Ain't that bad !
To trigger the cheatcode popup, simply code to the barrel at the Warden Camp and select the right option :
Screen capture In this popup, you'll have to type the exact code from one of the formula or crystal pages. Let's take the Glowing Magic Crystal code for this demonstration :
Screen capture Simply confirm, and if you got the code right, you'll immediately receive the scroll teaching the recipe or formula (even if it was already known) and all the final reagents needed :
Screen capture