User Manual - Crystals Guide

The crystals are second of the two principal components of the Enchantment skill. Players can create them by combining essences with other reagents, according the recipes they found and learned.
This guide will go through a step-by-step typical crystal recipe.

Creating Crystals

Crystals recipes are the blueprints you will want to follow here. You can either read those recipes in your in-game Codex, under the Magic & Religion section, or simply on this website own codex. Since using the in-game codex may quickly become an hassle, you'll probably want to use the website's. But ultimately, the choice exists, and is yours.
During this guide, we will follow the Radiant Spell Shielding Crystal recipe. Note I won't show how to prepare and split reagents here ; if those terms don't jumpstart your brain, please read the relevant guides from the reagents manual section.

Note that the Simple Enchantment rules can now also be applied to the creation of crystals, provided the mode is enabled in the addon configuration. And it is actually enabled by default.
While this mode is enabled, you can simply create crystals by placing a crystal recipe scroll on the Autel and using your Enchantment skill. Provided you had all the requireed reagents at hand (in your inventory or in the enchantment storage chest) they will be automatically consumed.
Please the the Simple Enchantment guide if you need more information.

Back to our crystals and our old school mode.
Before everything else, let's have a look at the recipe in the in-game codex :
Screen capture As you can see, the reagents are not directly named, and are only described. The obvious hint is to read the in-game descriptions of your items. Or simply follow the more practical website version of the recipes.
Either way, after a while, you should have your reagents ready. Now, just place those on the Altar :
Screen capture The only thing remaining to do is the easiest part: using the Enchantment skill. The scripts will understand you're trying to create a crystal, and hopefully recognise our recipe because we got it right. Otherwise, we would get a message explaining the reagents selected didn't match with any known recipe. Here, we got the success message :
Screen capture And by checking the altar, you can now retrieve your new crystal, fresh and ready to be consumed in some Enchantment inscription :
Screen capture