User Manual - Inscriptions Guide

The Inscriptions are the final step of the whole Enchantment process. By combining crystals and - sometimes - other reagents and even essences, the players can imbue any piece of equipment with the magical property of their choice.
Assuming they are following the right formula to the letter. Which is what we'll do in this guide.

Enchanting Wares

In order to differentiate them from the crystals recipes, the Inscriptions are described in formulae scrolls you'll be able to purchase from various stores. As with recipes, you will be able to read formulae either from your in-game Codex, under the Magic & Religion section, from the online codex, in the scroll description, or simply in the crafting interface itself. However, since that interface is not available far from the Autel at Camp / Vigil, you may have to use the other sources at some point. .
So, basically, what are those inscriptions formulae ? Well, that the part where players actually determine which magical property will be added to the item of their choice. Each formula is internally linked to a specific property, and most of the time to a range of possible bonuses in that property. For example, the Skilful Inscription of the Champion grant a "+6 to Attack" property to the enchanted item.
On a side note, some inscriptions grant random bonuses and if you're in Awakening, the best Runecrafting score available in the current party will slightly increase the final bonus granted by inscriptions. (+8% per Runecrafting rank)

During this guide, we will follow the Skilful Inscription of the Champion formula. However I won't describe how to create crystals here, so consult the crystals guide if you feel a bit lost.
With the introduction of the Enchantment interface, players now create intermediate "imbued scrolls", which are then to be used - as any quickitem - before the item receives the actual bonus. This additional step is a trade-off for the interface.

Once you have all the reagents at the ready, creating an imbued scroll via the new Enchantment interface is as straightfoward as creating a potion. You'll however need to be close to the Autel, otherwise the scripts will let you know it's a deal breaker. Screen capture
So, keep close to that Autel and simply use your Enchantment skill. Screen capture

See ? I told you the interface wouldn't be troublesome. The scrolls you found and learned are sorted accordingly to their rank and type. Since we're looking for a Skilful inscription, it's likely to be a rank 3 inscription. So let's select the third rank and browse through the list until you reach that specific formula. Screen capture
Should you need more than one imbued scroll, you could simply craft several in one go by using the available quantity field : Screen capture
Because of how the scaleform interface handles things, you may need to leave your mouse cursor over that quantity field in order be able to change its value.
Once you're all set, simply create your items via the - duh - Create Item button.

That's it. Shazam etc, your new imbued scroll is immediately available in your inventory. You can recognize imbued scrolls at their slightly more colorful icon, and by their name lacking the "formula" suffix present in regular scrolls. Screen capture
Speaking of inventory, please note that the Enchantment interface only checks your party inventory for the required reagents. If the reagents are - say - in your enchantment storage chest, the interface won't be able to find them. Because of how the interface connects to the scripting part of the game (long story short : those two parts can't interact !) there is nothing to do about it.

Obviously, at this point the item you wished to improve was not modified. Yet. As I said previously, it is a trade-off for the enchantment interface : because it's not only possible to have predefined ingredients in the crafting interface, one couldn't possibly use it to select an item to enchant.
Hopefully, the actual inscription is only one step away. Imbued scrolls are basically quickitems. Simply place on the Autel the item you wish to modify : Screen capture
Use your new imbued scroll, and target the Autel to trigger the actual inscription routine : Screen capture
And that's about it. Assuming it was possible to apply that inscription to this item, it'll now have a new magical property increasing the Attack statistic : Screen capture

Apart from the restrictions sometimes specified directly in the formulae, the Enchantment skill knows two limits.
The first one comes directly from the Winter Forge configuration options. One item won't be able to receive more than a specific number of bonuses. You can however change that option to your liking.
The other limit is my own : players can't imbue an item with the same property more than once. The idea being to prevent the creation of items showing multiple "+7 to all Attributes" bonuses...