User Manual - Inscriptions Guide

Finding out which reagents are required for a scroll was one of the main things people reported as being a royal pain. The in-game codex was oddly sorted to the naked eyes, and the website - well - was obviously not in-game.
So here are the two little things added to the Winter Forge to alleviate this problem...

Enchanting Wares

First of all, players have now a new codex entry. No, wait, don't run just yet !
This one is tidy and sorted alphabetically. Every crystal recipe and inscription formula known to the party will be displayed there, along with two informations as far as inscriptions are concerned :

  • Granted bonus
  • Codex tome
The tome refers to the main codex entry where the complete record for that inscription can be found.
Screen capture

Beyond that, players can display a list of the required reags for a scroll by using it. Of course, the scroll have to be known for that to work, otherwise it'll simply learn it. But you shouldn't have unlearnt scrolls in your inventory, anyway.
So, we use the scroll :
Screen capture And the engine nicely explains, reagents after reagents, what's needed. You can "read" several scrolls one after the other this way, it doesn't matter : they will be listed in the same order, in a tidy fashion.
Screen capture