User Manual - Reagents Guide

The reagents used in the enchantment recipes and formulae are derived from the Original Campaign crafting reagents. This short guide will explain how to prepare those items before they can be used in Enchantment.

Note that this is completely reversible and the imbued Winter Forge's reagents can be transformed back to their OC counterpart by following the very same steps.

Preparing Reagents

While it may not be intuitive at first, the preparation of reagents stacks is actually easy. Let's transform some greenstones here, I need those ready for the splitting guide anyway.
First, let's put a stack of normal greenstones on the Altar. Make sure there is nothing else in there :
Screen capture Take a step back. Nudge your Enchantment skill, and. Well, that's it. Your should see a confirmation message :
Screen capture Your new stack of transformed reagents awaits you on the Altar :
Screen capture

If you wish to transform your enchantment ready reagents back to their original state, the steps are exactly the same. Simply put a stack of Imbued reagents on the Altar, and using your Enchantment skill will be enough to give you a stack of unmodified items.
You can also transform several stacks of reagents in one go. Doesn't matter, everything will work just fine anyway.