User Manual - Reagents Guide

Every enchantment recipe and formula will require exact quantities of reagents. Because that's not something Dragon age allows by default, you will have to follow those steps in order to split your reagents supplies into precise stacks.

Splitting reagents is no longer required if you are using the new Enchantment interface.

Splitting Reagents Download

Before anything, it's important to realise that only stacks of reagents related to the Enchantment process can be splitted. This includes Essences, Crystals and a few vanilla reagents.
So, how to split a reagents stack ? You'll see it's fairly easy... No. I don't mean the same kind of "easy" as the old method, I mean rea~ally easy. Promise, this time it's true.

Go by your Autel while at the party camp. Use the Autel. Drag & drop one of the reagents you need onto the Autel inventory. That's it ! Its stack will be automatically splitted, with only one reagent on the autel and the rest remaining in your inventory. Need two ? Well, drag & drop another will you.
Easy as pie, said I. And since screenshooting a drag & drop isn't really helpful, here is a little video this time :
Video capture