User Manual - Essences Guide

The essences are one of the two principal components of the Enchantment skill. It's by harvesting and manipulating that the player can prepare future enchantments.
In this guide, we will focus on how to use the Altar to split one essence into two lesser essences of equivalent value.

Splitting one Essence

Long story short, essences have an hidden score used internally to determine their rank and what can be done with them. And when that score is high enough, the essence can be splitted into two less powerful essences.
For instance, let's put one Martial Essence on the Altar :
Screen capture By using the Enchantment skill when only that essence is on the altar, we'll get a confirmation message explaining that two new essences were created :
Screen capture And yep, the previous essence was effectively replaced by two Lesser Martial Essences fresh from the oven :
Screen capture

Note that the four essences ranks, indicated by the prefixes, do not always have an internal score twice as big as the rank below. For instance, if you're splitting a rank 4 potent essence, you won't get two rank 3 greater essences, but two rank 2 normal essences :
Screen capture