User Manual - Essences Guide

The essences are one of the two principal components of the Enchantment skill. It's by harvesting and manipulating that the player can prepare future enchantments.
In this guide, we will focus on how to use the Altar to fuse two different essences in a single more potent essence.

Fusing Essences together Download

At some point, you will have a lot of weak essences in stock and find yourself in need of some greater essences. You don't have to trade your lesser essences to the nearest store : you can simply fuse them.
Start by placing two non-potent essences on the Altar. You can put essences with different prefixes (ex: one lesser and a greater) but it's important to remember you can't fuse together essences of different types.
Here, I'll be simply using the two Lesser Martial Essences I got from the essence splitting guide :
Screen capture Take a step back. Nudge your Enchantment skill, and. Well, that's it. Your should see a confirmation message :
Screen capture Your fresly created Martial Essence awaits you on the Altar. Let's add another one in there for demonstration sake :
Screen capture By triggering the skill a second time, we fused those two essences into a final Potent Martial Essence :
Screen capture And here is your new essence :
Screen capture

One last important piece of information : essences do not double in value from one tier to another.
They yield the following internal scores :

  • 4 for rank 1 essence
  • 8 for rank 2 essence
  • 12 for rank 3 essence
  • 16 for rank 4 essence
Meaning you do not have to fuse two rank 3 essences to get one rank 4. On the contrary, rank 4 essences can for example be obtained by merging one rank 3 essence with one rank 1.