User Manual - Forge

The Winter Forge now fully support custom runes. Meaning you can imbue blank runes with the bonus of your chance, and freely pass it from one item to another. Didn't you wish one day of an Armor Penetration rune, or of a Spellpower rune ?
We'll explain here how to get such a rune, and go over the few rules to keep in mind.

Introduction to Custom Runes

First, runes are restricted to three unique magical property. This restriction is purely enforced for balance sake, and can not be changed in the addon configuration options. One enchanted, runes can be freely swapped from one item to another ; coupled with the possibilities of TWF Enchantment things would get too far to easy if one could create runes with an "unlimited" number of properties.

That being said, let's get started.
Obviously, you need a blank rune first. You may want to disenchant one rune hoping it won't be destroyed in the process. You may use the anvil to wipe the property of an existing rune (but why would you ?). Or, last but not least, you could simply create a blank rune via the anvil or the Item Creation skill. We'll follow that route here, since it's by far the most logical.
So ! Grab your favorite anvil and select "Create" :
Screen capture Then take the usual path in the dialog :
Screen capture And here goes your very own blank rune :
Screen capture

Having a blank rune may be fancy, but it won't get you very far against the Darkspawn. You still need to enchant it. The good news is, there is no difference between inscribing bonuses on a rune or any other item. So you can basically follow the inscription guide if you're not sure how to do this.

Once your rune is enchanted with at least one magical property. You can now leave it in Sandal capable hands, and reap the benefits :
Screen capture
Screen capture

Finally, I would like to explain the mechanism TWF use. Because it may save you trouble, especially since this couldn't be tested intensively.
The Dragon Age engine doesn't actually preserve the information of runes when saving games. It only remember the base resource the runes were from, and recreate the runes from scratch upon loadings. Obviously, we don't want that here, as anything customized through The Winter Forge rely on moving away from the base item resource... So. Custom runes embedded in your items are saved just once you are done working with Sandal (or presumably any addon related enchanter) and not at any other moment. Then again : it doesn't mean custom runes left in your inventory or party chest would be reverted to their blank default, since they will be saved by the engine as long they are not currently embedded.
When the game loads, you rune are finally re-enchanted and renamed to your likings. This process should be safe, however please understand the game engine places restriction on the repetitive tasks made by addon scripts. If you create several hundreds custom items and runes, some of those may not be correctly restored when the game loads. It's not much of an issue for items - they would only lose their name or heraldry - but could be one for runes as properties would be lost as well. Still, unless you fancy creating hundreds of items and rune with TWF, you shouldn't be affected.