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This version history is just kept as a reference, because while it's pretty fruitless to dwell in the past, roots are nice.
Legacy packages can be downloaded from this page, but please do not install those packages unless you know exactly what you're doing.

Version History
  • Various changes :
    • Some new models added to the known list, including the long due Starfang models. Never realised it was unique...
    • A new configuration option allows to limit the rank of essences created when fusing Essences. This option may be useful when the party is not high level enough to use the stronger essences. It can also downgrade large amounts of essences to lower ranks in one go. For instance, if you set the option to rank 3 and place a stack of several Potent Essences on the Autel and use the Enchantment skill to fuse them, they'll be converted to the appropriate quantity of rank3 Essences, with the occasional rank 1 & 2 spare change.
  • Bugs fixes
    • The scroll selection GUI replacing the scrollpile wasn't properly initialized on newly created characters.
    • Itemset information was not preserved when remodeling an item.
    • Some glitches here and there (e.g. talktable issues) without much importance.
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  • Various changes :
    • The pile of scrolls at Camp / Vigil, related to the legacy enchantment system rather than to the new interface, is no longer popup based. The lookup popup was replaced by a GUI.
    • Some new models added to the known list.
    • The Enchantment skill interface can now be used away from the camp, to allow companions to use it.
    • Different handling of the community party picker stages. Modders can extend the known pickers table.
  • Bugs fixes
    • Material upgrade could fail in the light Campaigns such as Witch Hunt or Golems.
    • Some glitches here and there (e.g. talktable issues) without much importance.
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  • New features
    • Light Campaigns support:
      This release of TWF is now compatible with The Witch Hunt, Golems of Amgarrak and Leliana's Song.
    • Crafting Interface:
      After hours pulling my hair out, the Winter Forge finally uses the game very own crafting interface for the Enchantment skill. You can now uses the Enchantment as easily as Herbalism or Runecrafting ! No, wait, Runecrafting is an awful example. Let me rephrase : the TWF craftskill is now way less cumbersome than Runecrafting. >.>
    • Wardens' Armory:
      Share your equipment between characters and campaigns. That's right, accross game worlds...
    • Icon changes :
      There is so little variation in the game's vanilla accessories icons... Hopefully, this new tool gives you the ability to change your accessories - belts, rings and amulets - icons easily.
    • Transfer Properties :
      Without bothering with the anvil. Which is an important precision. Now, instead of going through the anvil menu for 5min, you can simply drag and drop your two items in that tool's container. And that's it...
  • Bugs fixes
    • Lots. I lost my original bugtracking list during a HD crash, so long story short : every v0.5x bug was hunted down.
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  • New features
    • The enamel paints ability now provides free supplies when the FreeMats option is set. Makes sense, huh...
    • Some informative messages added in v0.4- routines involving containers. (e.g. the mass deconstruction GUI)
  • Bugs fixes
    • Remodeling armors in Awakening removed their rune sockets
    • Material changes routines were broken when the FreeMats was enabled. I guess it shows that I'm playtesting with that option always on... >.>
    • The anvil dialog wasn't offering the option to add rune sockets for armors in Awakening.
    • Stacks of ammo created with the anvil were reduced to one unit when dropped onto the autel. Didn't help to enchant ammo...
    • Added a workaround to avoid the issues caused by Return to Korcari Wilds.
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  • Bugs fixes
    • Fixed a range of issues caused by the poor packaging job I did on the v0.5.0rc1 release. The two main issues were the broken barrel configuration menu, and broken material changes via the anvil.
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  • New features
    • Awakening support:
      Those wanting to use TWF in Awakening campaigns can now download a package specific to DA:A. Please note that you have both Origins and Awakening versions of The Winter Forge enabled at the same time.
      Among other things, that feature involves T8 & T9 materials for the DA:A versions, and rough Exportation & Importation routines trying to transfer your custom items and enchantment reagents from your Origins campaign to Awakening.
    • Uninstallation routines. Check the barrel at camp if you need to use those.
    • Ingredients and cheatcodes directly available in the scrolls descriptions in-game.
    • Trimmed down anvil menu:
      That menu was getting horrendously complicated for players and was (more importantly if you ask me) a real maintenance nightmare. With the redesign The Winter Forge benefited in this v0.5 release, I could get rid of most of the anvil routines now available through the new and more intuitive abilities.
      For your material modifications, heraldric changes, remodeling, and so one, please now use the new toolbox abilities available by using the Forgesmith's tools quickitem. I'm sure you'll like those routines a lot more than the old ones anyway as they are much less clunky.
    • Simplified material changes:
      As I just said, you'll find two new methods allowing the modification of items material. The first method use the Material modification ability and allows you to change the material of an item precisely in a few seconds. The second method use the Preview mode ability. By simply clicking back and next keys, players are able to browse through all the available tints option and seeing the results immediately.
      Have a look at the new Forgesmith's tools item to get your hands on these abilities.
    • While we're on that subject, as usual more and mo~ar retinted material are available. This time new materials includes a bunch of clothing tints, much needed silverite options, recolored starmetal, and - of course - variations of the T8 and T9 woods / leathers / metals from Awakening. (those are only active in the DAA package of TWF)
    • Mage Staves:
      Your favorite staff use fire projectile while you are deeply nature speced ? Certainly doesn't feel right, isn't it. Hopefully, all you have to do is to use the new Alter magic staves ability. Check your Forgesmith's tools item !
    • Visual effects:
      You now have 50 visual effects to choose from when customizing and item. Wanted your sword to have a spirit aura ? Wished you could have lightning running on your armor ? Hoped your non-Mage character could have a nice Wisp flying around her ? No prob' : just tickle your Forgesmith's tools item and play with the Special Effects ability...
    • Help system:
      Click the help talent, target another TWF talent, skill, NPC or placeable, and get an help frame related to that element from The Winter Forge.
      I'm not sure it'll help people much. Actually I'm pretty sure I'll get more people complaining about having to read. Well, nevermind. I believe that's quite an unique system in Dragon Age mods, and it imitates the behaviour of contextual help you may be familiar with in OS and various software. I think it's bound to help out a few people, but even if it doesn't - well - at least I tried, huh...
      The codex manual was also entirely rewritten. Please have a look at it before bothering me with the lack of instructions ; and if reading hurts your poor brain, put a sock in it. I'm sure people moaning non-stop about how shitty the instructions are will be glad when I won't bother to publish my release anymore to spare myself such comments. If I spend 100s hours working on TWF, surely you can spend 1 hour getting your head around it.
    • Automatic compatibility check reporting possible and/or real issues. If you get an alert of the sort, please do not ignore it.
    • Mass essences fusing. Place douzens of lesser essences of the same type on the Autel, click the enchantment skill, and retrieve the equivalent number of potent essences.
    • A series of new configuration options :
      MatsStoreSupplies, PreviewAutoEquip, TWFActionBar, VFXDummy.
    • The old OverrideMode was finally removed from the addon. Sorry freebies loving folks, assuring the retrocompatibility of my code was a major pain in my ass, and forced me to some clumsy stunts here and there.
      If people do not bug me about it, I might release a rewritten "override mode only" release of The Winter Forge. If.
    • Revamped Override mode :
      The old v0.2 compatibility "override" mode was cut from the current version, but since nobody jumped at my throat with needy comments ever since I announced the removal of the override mode, I revamped its routines into a fresh new "Override mode".
      While I still won't bother with requests or reports related to this unbalanced mode, it was nonetheless vastly updated in the process. As a direct consequence, outdated v0.2.2 package was removed from Nexus and the BSN.
  • Bugs fixes
    • Fixed the few treasures where a lot of scrolls spawned. (pic)
    • My very own Epilogue Editor was causing a severe glitch in The Winter Forge. An attempt of fixing it from within TWF was done in this v0.5.0 release, however the only real way to fix it is to update the Epilogue Editor if you're using it.
    • When planets were correctly aligned via the configuration options, the reagents were not longer destroyed during enchantments and could be used to enchant items over and over. Obviously this was not working as intented and was fixed.
    • When planets were incorrectly aligned, the reagents were destroyed despite the enchantment skill failing due to some mistake. Obviously this was not working as intented either and was also fixed.
    • Some more issues with those custom runes. Couldn't the engine treat subitems and regular items the same way ? Urf.
      Runes enchanted on the Autel but not previously created through the Anvil were not preserved and couldn't survive area transitions and loadings.
    • One of the hidden plot counters used to determine whether bonus TWF talents could be granted was not working properly. As a result, on new v0.4+ playthrough the talents were never offered. I'm such a klutz. -_-"
    • The two plot rewards spells sometimes didn't yield the correct number of essences due to an error in the formula.
    • When the enchantment routines are disabled through the Lite mode configuration switch, the NPC and enchantment specific placeables are now removed from the camp and the related quest line is removed from the journal.
    • Fixed a bug in the GDA tables, thanks to ExcelProcessor and OpenOffice disliking each other.
  • Balancing
    • Because of the lack of Awakening maps where placing scrolls would be somehow fitting, and since this campaign is also shorter than the Origins one, I felt having to collect the recipes and inscriptions would hardly be possible. Therefore, the DA:A version of The Winter Forge doesn't require scrolls to be learnt.
    • The bonuses limit was increased. You can now place up to 6 properties on an item by default. More importantly there are no longer differences between the type of properties ; I believed until now the limit ought to be different for "onHit" (e.g. +x damage) properties and others. Consequently the bonus limit was never quite understood by players. Things are now simplier : the bonus affect any item property, no matter what it is.
      This limit can be modified using the configuration options.
    • In Awakening, the magical properties imbued to items via enchantments can benefits from the current party best Runecrafting skill score. The bonus ranges from 8% at rank 1 to 32% at rank 4.
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  • Bugs fixes
    • Custom runes losed their modifications when embedded into items when the game load. This was due to the game engine not actually saving the data on subitems. Workaround found, kicking 'nd alive.
    • Some incorrect messages over the main character head, here and there.
    • Some more clumsy talktable entries fixed
  • Known issues
    • It's still possible to sell disenchanted items to NPC merchant at their full ordinary price.
    • The forge don't spawn in the party camp during the first night there (after Lothering) or during camps attacks, because they're not the same area as far as the engine is concerned. You haven't lost anything when it occurs so don't panic. Everything will be back when you return to the camp one more time.
    • Due to the items database overhaul, some very old custom items made or modified with v0.2- versions of The Winter Forge may lose their custom names and eventual heraldry. This issue won't be addressed.
Version History Download
  • Bugs fixes
    • Invisible "walls" appearing after saving the game. This was a very serious problem (TWF can't work in such case) and everybody should now update TWF. Thanks to Phiolin for investigating the issue through and through.
    • A serious enchantment routine bug was messing the automatic reagent retrieval on some occasions.
    • The section headers for the codex scroll compendium was incorrectly activated in new playthroughs.
    • When changing one material for another of the same tier, the material supply was freely given but not properly destroyed.
    • Some clumsy talktable entries, fixed in v0.4.1.
  • Known issues
    • It's still possible to sell disenchanted items to NPC merchant at their full ordinary price.
    • The forge don't spawn in the party camp during the first night there (after Lothering) or during camps attacks, because they're not the same area as far as the engine is concerned. You haven't lost anything when it occurs so don't panic. Everything will be back when you return to the camp one more time.
    • Due to the items database overhaul, some very old custom items made or modified with v0.2- versions of The Winter Forge may lose their custom names and eventual heraldry. This issue won't be addressed.
Version History Download
  • New features
    • Complete revamp of the scrolls ; now players only have to find one scroll per inscription family to learn the whole formulae set. Meaning there are almost four times less scrolls to find, which should reduce the troublesome search for missing enchantments. (scrolls pre-existing before the update will remain functional)
    • New mode : simple enchantment. By enabling this mode in the options you won't have to place reagents on the autel. Simply place the item to enchant and a scroll, and if the reagents for that scroll formula are available in the party inventory or enchantment chest, the addon will enchant the item by automatically consuming the right reagents.
      When this mode is enabled, all the scrolls will be buyable at the Circle Tower quartermaster, in pretty much infinite quantities.
      This mode will be the default one upon the v0.4 release, as this method is far less cumbersome for players.
    • Support for the items from official DLCs : Warden's Keep, Stone Prisoner, Blood Dragon Armor, Return to Ostagar. Damned, those Shale's Crystals were a pain in the rump...
    • Bored after remaining at the exact same place for months, Hríviel now wanders around the camp, either having a chat with people or minding her own business.
    • Tutorial-like introduction quests to both Enchantment modes.
    • Scrolls can now be found in some appropriate maps.
    • Bulk disenchantment. Place several items on the autel (yes, I'll finally keep that word) and use your enchantment skill. Tchak. Done.
    • Whole bunch of configuration options :
      Lite mode, Replace existing properties, Automatically stock essences after disenchantment, Max bonuses per item, Simple enchanment, Stores refill timer, Stores supply level checks, Skip introduction, EXP Rewards, Risk of destroying items during disenchantment.
    • Lite mode : Disable all the enchantment related routines and modification, for players only wishing to have the anvil creation & modification features at their disposal.
    • Material changes simplification. Material supplies resources can now be used, triggering a dialog allowing to change any item currently equipped by the controlled character. Note that pre-existing supplies won't have this option, resources will have to be created anew. (players will be able to exchange old supplies for new one, using the barrel debug options)
    • Recover material supplies by dismantling unwanted items !
    • Create blank runes from the anvil and enchant these to your liking.
    • Copy items properties to existing items, something players could only do on newly created item in the previous release.
    • Some new bonuses, hence enchantments : Increase monetary gain, Increase codex experience, Mageslayer, Increase health, Increase mana, Reduce fatigue, Remove restrictions, Increase Attack Speed.
    • New enchantment formula removing any class/character restriction from an item.
    • A handful of new recolored materials, mainly leathers and woods since the v0.3 offered only a few of those. (27 new leather materials & 26 woods)
  • Bugs fixes
    • Thanks to Typifire hard work the Ancient Elven armor can now be re-tinted.
    • New way of splitting essences & reags thanks to Kyoma4's brillant suggestion. One day, I'll get such ideas myself ! :o
    • Fixed the icon for the silver enamelled ingot
    • The old 50 custom names limit was removed. A much needed measure now that ammo or runes are also supported. Go crazy !
    • A more user-friendly method for item model changes, available via the "Refashion item" anvil option. The feature was already available, but so well hidden most people couldn't find it.
    • Some formulae could not reach their maximum bonus.
    • The players won't have to manually tickle the items material to get the engine apply the runes settings. The addon will now shake the engine on its own.
    • The scroll for the Skilful Inscription of the Fade Hunter had a wrong internal ID and couldn't be learned.
    • The attack speed bonus from some itemsets was wasn't properly set and basically was doing the opposite of what I wanted it to do.
  • Balancing
    • Replacing a material with another material from the same tier is now free. (for instance, changing a dragonbone armor to a red colored dragonbone armor)
    • Reduced the stamina bonuses from the Inscription of Stamina family. A lot.
    • Reduced the bonuses from the Inscription of the Adept family.
    • Halved the bonuses from the Inscription of Protection family.
    • Prevent the disenchantment of arrows stacks smaller than 30 arrows. Otherwise it was possible to simply get tons of essences by disenchanting single arrow separately...
    • Dimmed a tad the bonuses of the Inscription of Spellshield and Inscription of Reflexes families.
    • Changed the bonuses from the Hexed Inscription of Arlathan family as they were not in line with others similar inscriptions.
    • Removed the enchantment-related wares from the Lothering vendors if the party haven't heard of the Halamshiral Scrolls yet. Since it is fairly possible to get there before discovering the party camp, those wares could be quite confusing to new players.
    • The initial quest no longer gives random scrolls rewards. Now three inscriptions are rewarded depending on the main character core class, and all the crystal recipes needed for these inscriptions formulae are also given.
  • Known issues
    • Due to the items database overhaul, some very old custom items made or modified with v0.2- versions of The Winter Forge may lose their custom names and eventual heraldry. This issue won't be addressed.
Version History Download
  • New features
    • Beta-testers ! Now some of the bugs are actually fixed before the public releases. Brilliant idea, huh.
    • Respecialization option available on the barrel.
    • The utility copying property from an item to another was not in the anvil dialog. It's now available without switching back to override mode.
    • Creation of blank amulets, rings, belts, and mabari equipment.
    • Create your stack of ammo, and enchant those arrows or bolts ! Limited to a single onHit property (such as Fiery Inscription of Arlathan) per stack for balancing reasons.
    • Enchantment-related cheat codes, old school style.
    • Item sets manipulation, with a handful of new sets bonuses. Want you own tailored set bonuses ? Fill a suggestion in on the relevant forum topic !
  • Bugs fixes
    • The addon initialization was buggy.
    • Slow and Paralysis OnHit properties were not properly disenchanted.
    • Shields using the new materials were no longer accepted by the anvil for further modifications.
    • The disenchantment routine didn't recognise the less elemental resistances properties (1% per power value) and only gave essences for the greater properties. (5% per power)
    • Names typed via the popup were prefixed by a space.
    • The code supposed to remove known recipes from stores was not working properly.
    • Duplicate model in dwarven noble clothes, so another model was missing.
    • The table row for Skilful Inscription of Peacemaking was incorrect and the items were enchanted with the Messy Kills property instead.
    • A concept error caused some of the crystal recipes to be mixed.
    • Huge flaw in the formula guessing routine, so a bunch of formulae couldn't work at all...
    • Invalid or incorrect recipes & formulae everywhere... Doh.
    • The material modification sometimes failed because supplies were not showing in the dialog list.
  • Balancing
    • Better handling of the binaries properties (e.g. Improves Blood Magic) and specially useful onHit properties (e.g. Stun) during disenchanting.
    • Boosted by 25% the power of the essences created from the magical damage OnHit properties. (ex: +5 fire / hit)
    • Increased the ratio of crystal recipes available in stores.
    • Gave the common factor to the lesser elemental resistances properties and boosted by 300% the power of the essences created from the greater elemental resistances properties.
    • Boosted by 75% the bonuses granted by Physical Resistance inscriptions, such as the Pristine Inscription of the Juggernaut.
    • Toned down some damage bonuses inscriptions by 50% to reflect the fact that each power value actually yield two damage points. (e.g. Pristine Inscription of the Griphoneer or Hexed Inscription of Arlathan)
  • Known issues
    • The Altar is still called Autel everywhere. But it doesn't look like an altar, anyway, and French words are supposedly chic and stylish (don't ask me why) so I might leave it as it is.
    • It's still possible to sell disenchanted items to NPC merchant at their full ordinary price.
    • Stores inventories are still refilled at each game load.
    • The forge don't spawn in the party camp during the first night there (after Lothering) or during camps attacks, because they're not the same area as far as the engine is concerned. You haven't lost anything when it occurs so don't panic. Everything will be back when you return to the camp one more time.
Version History Download
  • Bugs fixes
    • The bioware updater didn't properly install the modified items resources from the original campaign and the reagents from the single player game were therefore not splitable in precise stack size. I'm really sorry it happened, because the addon can't properly work without those reagents.
      I created new versions of the reagents. You can now convert the original campaign reagents to their enchantment form by placing a stack on the Autel and using your Enchantment skill.
  • Known issues
    • The initial welcome popup is coming up at each and every load.
    • The quest pane of the inventory always shows up as selected by default when opening the autel.
    • Cf. v0.3.0b entry.
Version History Download
  • Bugs fixes
    • Sapphire ingots were not useable in the creation/modification of items.
    • The store overhaul didn't look for enchantment formulae properly, some never had a chance to be included in the merchant inventories.
    • Some inoffensive duplicates in the models proposed during the creation stage.
  • Known issues
    • Cf. v0.3.0b entry
Version History Download
  • New features
    • Enchantment craft skill.
    • Balanced material modifications.
    • Lore-inclided dialogs and descriptions.
    • Merchant system overhaul : The stores will restock their enchantment & forge related wares periodically.
    • The old craft dialog (now refered as "override mode/dialog") from the previous versions is activable from the options flags.
    • Added various OC properties, available through enchantment formulae.
    • New materials and clothes models. Coloured materials and shoes. Shoes !
  • Bugs fixes
    • The No attribute requirements property was not properly added.
    • A few fallback options were missing in the old override dialog.
    • The anvil itself was renamed at times.
    • You no longer have to worry about forgetting items on the anvil.
  • Known issues
    • It's possible to sell disenchanted items to NPC merchant at their full ordinary price.
    • Stores inventories are refilled at each game load. Up to you not to exploit that until I fix it.
    • Various models reported as missing, I've to check.
    • Some typos and clumsy english in the dialogs and codex entries. Please report with according corrections.
    • The forge don't spawn in the party camp during the first night there (after Lothering) or during camps attacks, because they're not the same area as far as the engine is concerned. You haven't lost anything when it occurs so don't panic. Everything will be back when you return to the camp one more time.
    • Support for DLC / Shale / Starfang / DLC / DLC / Blood Armor / etc. Missing, I know.
    • Support for item sets. Missing, I know.
Version History Download
  • New features
    • Omitted properties finally added : Spell Resistance, Messy kills.
    • Added a debug options to the barrel.
  • Bugs fixes
    • Added fallbacks in dialogs.
    • Completely wiped and rewrote the flags systems.
    • Some inoffensive duplicates in the models proposed during the creation stage.
    • The naming popup still didn't work for item modification.
    • Worldmap remained open when traveling to the party camp.
    • Improved the random tagging a bit, since GetTime() as an only seed could lead to duplicates.
    • Heraldry reverted back to the resources default from time to time.
  • Known issues
    • Items placed on the anvil are impossible to get back if they where already there upon game load.
    • The anvil itself is renamed at times... Yeah. Well. Go figures.
Version History Download
  • Bugs fixes
    • Main character's equipement wasn't checked by the routine restoring customized names.
    • The names typed in the popup weren't saved. Doh.
Version History Download
  • New features
    • Doggy Popup. You can now use a popup to type custom names in.
    • Item copy. You can now create a blank item retaining the model of the source item, or Copy all the properties of a source item to another item.
  • Bugs fixes
    • An unset conditional was preventing the modification of shields materials.
    • Added a note about the +stamina bonuse display bug.
Version History Download
  • New features
    • Heraldric devices can be simply stripped away when modifying a shield.
    • Items can be wiped clean from all their properties. Useful for fresh starts.
    • The last property added to an item can be removed.
  • Bugs fixes
    • The custom names are now stored into a persistent pseudo-array and should no longer be reverted to the item resource original name. You can store up to 50 customised names at the moment, and if necessary you can remove from the saved names any items you no longer have by using the barrel dialog. (Party equipement & inventory checked, Craig's camp shared storage checked)
Version History Download
  • Bugs fixes
    • Some dialog inadapted conditionnals here and there.
    • Helmets, gloves and boots weren't correctly recognised by the anvil.
    • Placing a misc item on the anvil triggered the anvil flag as if the item was an armor/weapon.
    • Longswords : two models were missing : Orlesian and Keening blade.
    • Weapon magical damage : bad conditional script used.
Version History Download
  • Initial release